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Ready to make 2023 your BEST YEAR EVER!

Ditch the Stress & Frustration of Toxic Relationships in Your Life

You've tried everything.

You've been patient. You've been kind.

You've been direct.

Nothing seems to work!

You've tried everything.

You've been patient. You've been kind.

You've been direct.

Nothing seems to work!

A 12-Week Toxic Relationship 1:1 Intensive will help you

transform how you respond to anyone who's disrupting your life

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. It's normal to occasionally find ourselves in messy relationships because, well, people are complicated, and we don't all get along all of the time.

But . . .

There's a difference between seasonal messy relationships and toxic people who cause you pain and suffering.

In order to be your highest self, you need healthy relationships that support what you're about and where you want to go in life. Yes, you want to be supportive of others, but, No, you can't change other people.

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This Toxic Relationships Cleanup 1:1 Intensive

will change your life!

Imagine having an expert walk along side you to focus on YOU and the life you dreamed of having before this toxic person disrupted your life.

  • Know exactly what to say or do in order to manage that toxic person in your life

  • Develop clear boundaries that will help you know when to stay OR when to walk away

  • Learn how to attract healthier relationships

  • Re-ignite your self-esteem (he/she destroyed) in order to live your best life

  • Build a Life Plan for 2022

  • Break the cycle of self-doubt, stress & frustration

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I'm Dr. Sharon Spano, and I'm dedicated to helping you step into 2022

FREE and CLEAR of any toxic

relationships in your life!

"Sharon is an expert practitioner who helps people see things

from a larger perspective."

“Sharon offers an integrated transformational experience that is undeniable.

I learned that there is a fundamental reframing and living energy between people.

We affect and are affected by one another.

This is an opportunity for a big growth moment.

The process allows us to crack through the blockages we have held on to

in our relationships. Growth, maturity, and a new definition of life emerges."

matt pengra, executive VP

Whether this toxic relationship is a relative, spouse, significant other, a friend, or even your own child, this intensive will help free you of sleepless nights and endless internal struggles because the work is designed to help you see and respond to your relationships in an entirely new way!

If you're Ready to End the turmoil

in Your Life . . .

Join my Toxic Relationship Cleanup

1:1 Intensive--a 12-week customized experience where we'll work together to end

the stress & frustration

you've lived with for far too long.

What's Included in the 1:1 Intensive?


Phase 1:

When you join my Toxic Cleanup Intensive, We’ll start with a deep dive into how toxic people think and behave. What makes them toxic and why? Are you dealing with a narcissist, an obsessive-compulsive, mental illness, jealousy, or manipulation? How can you identify toxicity in others so that you don’t fall into the same trap again and again.


Phase 2:

In Phase Two, we’ll explore the elements of a healthy relationship. You’ll learn what you can control, what you need to let go of, and when it might be appropriate to walk away. I’ll teach you a cutting-edge framework that will help you know exactly what you need to do to offset any toxic people that are interfering with your life. You’ll also learn clear communication strategies that include how to use silence and curiosity to get the results you want.


phase three:

In Phase Three, I’ll be teaching you the Three Principles of Human Dynamics that will help you see what patterns (theirs and yours) are causing you undue stress and frustration. I’ll show you how to map out the unique dynamics of the relationships in your life so that you can choose differently. This process will help you clearly see what needs to be done to either manage or dissolve the toxic relationship in your life so that you can make space for the healthy relationships you want and desire AND so that you can protect yourself from any toxic people in the future.

wondering if this

intensive is for you?

I'm currently offering thisToxic Relationships Cleanup Intensive because I've realized I'm spending roughly 60% of my time helping people survive or move past toxic relationships.

There are a variety of reasons why, but here’s a few things I’ve seen people do:

Get Stuck in unhealthy relationships they can't manage

repeatedly attract toxic people without knowing why

sacrifice their own mental health for the sake of others

fail to recognize toxic behaviors before they cause stress & harm

know they want more without knowing what more really looks like

believe they deserve healthier relationships but don't know how

to attract and

sustain them

"One of the reasons I go back to Sharon is because . . .

the concepts and principles that she teaches are just not something that is ready baked into the trainings I've had before or that any of us have had before. I have an entirely new lens ---a different way of looking at the multiple realities of my life."


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As a participant, you will also get additional resourses:

A 1:1 Constellation

Mapping Session

In this additional session, we'll map out the specific dynamics of your relationship that are working for or against you. Once you learn how to see these types of patterns, well, you'll never be blind-sighted by a toxic relationship again. Promise!


admission to the alchemy

of humans private FB Group

You'll gain access to my private FB group, The Alchemy of Humans, where you'll be part of a transformative community dedicated to living their best life. I'll be sharing free workshops and a variety of content designed to help you continue your personal and professional growth--all based on cutting-edge research that will catapult you to the next level of success and fulfillment.


1 Private online assessments

State-of-the-art instruments that will help you clarify your own strengths and talents and precisely how you will step into your best life in 2022!


Unlimited personal access to dr. spano

As you're moving through the Intensive, we know you'll have questions and maybe the need for additional support. To help you move through the process with greater confidence and ease, you can always access Sharon via Voxer via a private channel.


Are you ready to make space for healthier relationships that support your biggest life in 2022?

Let’s find out!

I'm currently taking applications for a limited number of applications for my Toxic Relationship

Cleanup 1:1 Intensive.

I’d love to see what you’re up to, and if we’re the right fit for one another. I have a few questions to help you get started--no obligation. Just click the button below.

The Toxic Relationships CleanUp 1:1 Intensive =

your best life in 2023!

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The Toxic CleanUp Method

Dr. Spano's work is grounded in human and organizational systems. For over 30 years, she has traveled the globe and witnessed, first hand, how people's lives are disrupted by toxic relationships.

Using research-based technologies, Sharon will help you see EXACTLY what's going on in this relationship.

It's not about making anyone wrong. It's about learning how to transform the ways you think, adapt, and respond in this challenging relationship so that you can heal and have a more meaningful experience of life.

The 12-week process is hard work. It's not for everyone. You must be willing to BE the change you want to see. Sharon is there to walk along side you and show you how!

matt pengra: Funnel executive VP

Tim tracey: executive leader